Our Process

Learn Your Story
Gauge Your Online Presence
Make Recommendations
Set Up Your Campaigns
Create Your Ads
Launch Your Campaign
Monitor Results and Grow

Our Total Online Approach

The success of your digital campaigns relies on many factors.

We believe that examining your total online presence, which includes the health and modernity of your website and landing pages; your search rankings; your online reputation; your ability to serve ads in the mobile-first world – even your ad messaging and ad offers themselves – all play a role in making sure we create winning ad campaigns for you.

element242 walks you through all of the available digital advertising options to ensure the best types of communications are reaching your customers. Then we use real-time reporting tools to make sure we’re being as successful as we can be. And if we run into challenges, we always know we can change any campaign aspect on the fly.


Our Services

At element242, our total online approach means we’re looking at every angle to your digital advertising success.

So we provide a series of services, guided by our team members and partners, that focus on 6 main areas of online presence, advertising and campaign creation, and campaign management.

There are many spokes in the wheel of a successful digital strategy. We use proven actions to meet every possible need to make sure the wheel rolls in the right direction.

Digital Campaign Management

One of our strongest suits is our ability to manage your digital campaigns with nimbleness and responsiveness. We can pivot campaigns, geography and messaging based upon real-time data.

Desktop Publishing

Our designers create your ads in all sizes and formats to meet the requirements of our digital exchanges, like Google, the Facebook Audience Network, and Centro – to make sure your ads are placed the most effectively.

Video Production

element242 boasts its own in-house video production team to create your digital pre-roll ads, and website and social media marketing videos for your products and services.

Reputation Management

We take a look at how you’re perceived online, as well as making sure you’re accurately listed in the top online directories, that you’re garnering reviews, and you’re looking good.

Website Development

If your website needs a makeover, or you need help with making sure your landing pages match the promise of digital ads, we and our expert partners can get you straightened out.

SEO Management

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important factor in making sure your website and landing pages are visible, especially when you’re “influencing consideration” in your marketing strategy.