Intelligent, Creative, Focused

element242 is a digital content creation and advertising team
in Boise, Idaho.
Our clients benefit from the keen sense of thought, art and insight we bring to each individual project.

  • “element242 has ensured that Brundage Mountain can reach valued clients via effective, conversion-producing digital campaigns. However, the real benefit Kevin brings is his ability to analyze the goal of each effort so as to create campaigns that are truly dialed into our specific needs. He has produced results again and again.”

    Jared Montague
    Director of Sales & Marketing, Brundage Mountain
  • “Having element242 as a partner has brought incredible value to our clients and our business. Their ability to stay one step ahead of seemingly non-stop industry changes gives our clients the confidence they are in the right place and are getting the best input, performance and care from our agency.”

    Tom Scott
    Owner, Tom Scott Agency
  • “element242 delivered a very tactical campaign with great results. They went above and beyond to give us more value and reach for the money. These guys are super fun, hyper-responsive and smart. They are the ‘secret sauce!'”

    Claudia Weathermon
    Owner, Jon Carson Productions
  • “Working with element242 has been fantastic. We are able to customize our marketing dollars and optimize to the fullest. Great company to work with!!”

    Rich Prasch
    Owner, CoverTech of Idaho
  • “element242 allows Thrive Web Designs to focus on its core products and services while they seamlessly manage the digital advertising side of a project. Kevin and his team have loads of experience and energy, fit to drive success for any client looking for a legitimate online marketing boost.”

    Josh Olswanger
    Owner, Thrive Web Designs
  • “element242 has increased the exposure for our organization in targeted markets. Kevin and element242 bring the knowledge and expertise to help us move to the next level.”

    Breck Hansen
    Idaho Director of Sales, QTS Payroll Services


Each business has its own personality, character and social interactions.
We create individualized campaigns, tell the compelling stories,
and meet our clients’ customers needs through emotional connections.

Contextual-Based Campaigns

We use partners like Google to match up your products and services with customers in your area, by using powerful Internet keyword algorithms and on-the-fly feedback to drive them to your website.


We develop advertising programs that focus on where your customers live, work and play. Digital campaigns can be targeted as global as you like, or as localized as zip codes and neighborhoods.

Digital Video Ads

Take advantage of the fastest growing segment of digital advertising. Showcase your products or services with 6 to 30 second video commercials targeted to your local audience.

Real Time Feedback

The great thing about digital advertising is its nimbleness. Ad campaigns – even the ads themselves – can be changed on the turn of a dime. This translates to better effectiveness with your budget’s bottom line.

Behavioral Ad Targeting

Additional layers of data like those from Facebook allow us to match you with your customers’ interests, lifestyle choices and social media interactions to boost qualified leads and sales.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

Our focused attention to your success means we deliver the best digital marketing options for you without the bloat of a traditional agency. You can get started with us for under 500 bucks.

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